Hakuna Granada

Bought my plane ticket to Granada today. Let the traveling begin. Eve and I are super excited to visit our fellow amigos in Spain and buying the tickets made the trip seem real. We’re planning on leaving Friday October 29th from Copenhagen. It’ll be a great way to start our two-week travel break.

My International Law class is fascinating. By fascinating I mean extremely difficult. I feel like I’m in another time zone about 5 hours behind. By the time I understand what’s being said in Katelyn time , International Law time has already greeted the new day and begun the next lesson. Just gotta take one pdf at a time…

In more exciting news, I’m going to see Swan Lake on Thursday with my History of European Ballet class. It is going to be absolutely fabulous. The Danish Royal Ballet is supposed to be one of the best classical ballet companies in the world. Bucknell may have Twyla Tharp (which is awesome) but I’ve got the Odette pas de deux.

In more exciting news, I got MAIL today!!!! It was the best surprise. Card from Mom, card from Miki (which opened up into a 3-D model of the Lincoln Memorial) and a card from Caitlin with pictures of us from the summer. It was like I was opening little pieces of home. Tusen takk*!!!

Went back to Føtex today and bought some fig spread. Apparently it can go on crackers. Or anything else for that matter. It’s no Nutella but it tastes pretty good. On the daily account of what I forgot: today was my DIS card and pass to get into the gym. Needless to say that carrying around my sneakers and sports bra back and forth to København was pointless. However, I took a nice biking detour on my way home which I counted as exercise for the day. All the houses have the reddish-orange tiles on their roofs and little gardens. Helsingør is a nice place to be.

Another nice place to be is my bed. So that is where I’m going. Vi ses**.

* Tusen takk means thank you very much or “a thousand thanks.”

**Vi ses means see you in Danish. I’m pretty much fluent.

P.S. The Danes are also extremely good at sarcastic humor.

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