Love from Overseas

Another post in the same day. It’s just one thought.

Being in another country and studying abroad is a great time to explore a new place and dig deeper into who you really are. It took me until this trip to realize that the people in your life shape you just has much as the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done. At the end of the day, thousands of pictures and new European boots do not change your personality or feelings of worth. It’s the people who really matter. Between the e-mail chain from the best Washington D.C. interns ever, my weekly updates from my Bucknell family (sorority, Smith 3C, BDC, or others), and notes from friends experiencing other fascinating places in the US and abroad, I’m grateful everyday for such amazing people in my life.

I’ve met a number of people since being in Denmark who I’m glad to know and can’t wait to visit when we all get back to the States. I want to thank each and every person in my life who realizes I’m thinking about them as much as they are thinking about me.

Egersund, Norway

Hello faithful blog followers.

Parents left today after an incredible visit. This weekend we went to Egersund, Norway to visit my dad’s friend Tollak and his family. They have three grandchildren who I absolutely adore. We spent the entire time going on walks through the hills along the coast, learning Norwegian words, playing cards with the kids, and watching little kid soccer (football) games. Both the boys (age 6 and 10) had short football games on Sunday and they both scored. Their skills are probably at the same level as me during my senior year of high school…

Fortunately, er unfortunately, I missed most of my classes because we left on Friday and didn’t get back until Monday night. I have a 6-7 page paper due on the legal analysis of international whaling and a large Danish quiz on Friday among other things. Seeing my parents and getting to go to Norway made the current work load totally worth it.

Still going to the gym in an attempt to look like the tall, skinny blond Danish women biking around town. Minus the blond thing. It wouldn’t look good with my skin tone. I’m going to the UK in less than a week (Sunday morning) for an entire week with my Sustainability In Europe core course with DIS. I’ll have a chance to stay in both London and Devin and get to see Phil!!! Super excited to eat fish and chips and use the lift to get to different floors.

Being abroad has continued to open my mind about parts of my life. I find myself thinking about other places I could see myself living abroad and the job I would take that would allow me to travel. There is something exciting and scary about attempting to learn a culture, language and customs of a place completely foreign. I was able to show my parents around København, navigate the public transportation and order a beer in Danish. It’s a great feeling.

Williham and Marion
Ulrich fishing