Føtex Forever

So I already posted something today but it was the opening one. Does that mean I can post another one? Are there rules for blogging or some unofficial code of conduct? We’ll see.

I’ve been in Copenhagen (actually spelled København) for two and a half weeks now. I can’t begin to write a detailed report on everything that’s happened. It’s been a blur of meeting people, getting lost, losing things, eating ice cream, buying beer and facebooking. Major events to date (in chronological order):

  1. Got computer stolen.
  2. Moved into the Den Internationale Højskole.
  3. Got a bike.
  4. Fell off the bike.
  5. Enrolled in Nordic Mythology.
  6. Found out Jamie (high school friend) is studying at the University of Copenhagen.
  7. Spent a weekend sailing on a giant 100 year old ship.
  8. Got a cold.
  9. Lost my wallet while buying Kleenex.
  10. Canceled my credit cards.
  11. Found my wallet.
  12. Went to the Botanical Gardens.
  13. Started a blog.

Tonight’s word is Føtex. Defined as: a classier, Danish version of a Super Walmart. Used in a sentence: After I left my name and number at Føtex begging them to search for my wallet, the nice customer service people called me to let me know that my wallet was recovered and I was a moron.

Going for a walk around the quaint town of Helsingør. I love how there is a ø button on my keyboard. Just don’t ask me what it sounds like.

Blogging and Beyond

Oh my goodness. Katelyn has a blog. I think humanity as we know it has changed forever. Are you happy now Sandeep?

Now I’m perfectly aware that, on a good day, maybe two people are interested in my life and daily activities and that’s because they raised me for 20 years and are paying for college. Other than that, I highly doubt that anyone really wonders about my goings-on. However, I am hoping that this will allow me to document my time abroad while providing a public space for everyone and anyone to laugh at my expense.

With that said, be prepared to hide your wife and kids from The Blog.