Juno: the #blizzardof2015 or #Snowmageddon2015

“It’s here! Winter Storm Juno’s First Heavy Snowfall Arrives.” -The Weather Channel 

The blizzard is here. From Boston to New York, wind whips along carless streets as last minute shoppers trudge home with the most necessary kitchen staples. Eggs. Bread. Milk. Beer. Schools and universities have closed for tomorrow. Travel bans are in place and public transportation has shut down.The snow, which started as light flurries in the morning, increased steadily and by early afternoon most offices in NYC had sent their employees home. Since I was never put on the company wide e-mail chain, I missed the important memo and went home an hour later than necessary. But that’s just the kind of dedicated employee I am. From the office to the streets and back at home, it seemed everyone was talking about the #blizzardof2015.

View from the office

And now? Peeking outside of my little Astoria apartment window, I see

…not much. 

Apparently the worst is yet to come. My roommates are in bed asleep, hoping a winter wonderland will await them in the morning. Nothing better than a “work from home” kind of Tuesday. Daina, my dear roommate, faced the crowds of the local grocery store and we now have days worth of delicious chicken tortellini soup. Our stash of red wine, while depleting rapidly should last another couple of days. And tonight our little group of four (Daina, Megan, Sam and I) sat around the coffee table playing Jenga and watching The Bachelor on TV like any normal group of people preparing for the worst storm of their lives. 

All of this–the shopping, the wine, the food, the great company–reminded me of the evenings spent in Northampton around our wood stove. I remember Nemo and Hurricane Sandy, holed up in 38 Henry St. with good friends and a cozy home. The Nor’easter of November 2012? I blogged about cookies and Election Cake. This year, I bravely attempted smitten kitchen recipe for Salted Carmel Brownies:


Did I use a plastic spoon to stir my homemade caramel sauce, successfully melting white plastic into my browning sugar? Maybe, maybe not. But my multiple attempts at melting sugar and 9pm dash to the grocery story for parchment paper seemed like small prices to pay for the delicious dessert that eventually came out of the oven. My stomach is full, my head is sleepy and my heart is full knowing I have a snow day for the first time in a long while. 

During the 11:00pm news, a politician warned people to stay inside since people who fall down on the sidewalks may be invisible to emergency crews. Invisible. Refinery29 has some tips for ladies needing a list of things to do during their snow day including lounging in pjs, catching up on reruns and fitting in a squat workout. Swimsuit season is coming.And me? I’ll wake up in the morning, open my window shades and hope to be dazzled by the early morning brilliance of snow on a January day. I’ll try to clean the house and answer those pesky e-mails but hating tying myself down to “productivity.” Plus there is online shopping to do since the bf’s birthday is coming up way too fast so tonight I’m just thankful for newsworthy blizzards…and Amazon Prime. 

Stay warm. 

IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2502 IMG_2504

7 thoughts on “Juno: the #blizzardof2015 or #Snowmageddon2015

  1. Good morning Kate. It is 1:30 a.m. Tuesday and not one snowflake has landed in Amsterdam yet. Weeeee! The pictures you sent are great. I can see where things come to a halt in the city with the snow. Enjoy the time off and be careful out there. Love.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you Grandpa! Can’t believe you still didn’t have snow at 1:30! We definitely didn’t get hit as hard as everyone thought which is probably for the best . Power outages are no fun but snow days are the best kind of days to spend inside.

  2. Dear God that’s one hell of a blizzard!! The photos look so nice from warm Melbourne haha also, those brownies look INCREDIBLE!! And I feel your pain for the 9pm missing ingredient run – it’s the most frustrating thing!

    1. To be in Melbourne right now. I can’t even imagine. Each night I put on the long sleeves, pj’s and socks before bundling down in the covers. At least I have my fatty brownies to keep me warm 🙂

      1. Ohhh see that actually sounds so good to me – I love the cold weather! But alas, it is summer here which means I can’t justify fatty brownies 😦 enjoy one for me!!

  3. Looks like it has only just started. A little like the ‘bul a couple of weeks ago, but apparently you are in for a worse time than us. Wrap up warm, my dear, and be safe. Love to you from the whole of Istanbul…

    1. Miss you Steevvvvvvv. We didn’t get hit as hard as those weathermen had warned but a beautiful snowy morning here. Sending my love back to all of you!

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