Sending Love

Tuesday morning words:

Hug those close to you and reach out to those farther away. People, money and goods are taken from us before we can understand and appreciate their value. Don’t waste a single day wondering if you gave precious moments away.

The dead give us a gift. The ending of their stories open up space for our own novels to continue. Be thankful for their accomplishments and hold onto the glory of a life well lived. We are writing the next chapters, forging the new path, finding a better way. The dead have given us a gift that we take with us until we too must pass it on.

My thoughts, prayers, hopes and dearest sympathies go out to those who have died. Some of you I knew, some of you I did not. Some died suddenly while others fought for every breath. The world honors and respects you every day.

[EF, JE, ES, RK, runners at the Boston Marathon, victims of car bombers, frog along the hiking trail.]

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