Time to Talk

Good morning world! 

Tuesday is already here so shake off those Monday blues. I bought a book at the library yesterday for $1 called “The Complete Guide to Blogging.” Haven’t started it yet but seeing as I would pay that much for anyone’s advice, I can only gain knowledge from a basic how to. I would assume the first thing about blogging is actually to write and while I have an extra couple of minutes I’d like to share some new found wisdom.

I have developed a preconceived notion that staying connected with people I love is a time draining, intensive process; one I need to schedule into my planner for hours at a time. Over the last week I have spoken with a number of people over the phone and via text message. Hearing from them and recounting my own life has been incredibly rewarding. Ah yes, I think, this is why we were friends in the beginning. How could I have waited this long to follow up and check in? 


It turns out I DO have enough time:

2 min- text to college roommate followed by 🙂

5 min- short e-mail to high school BFF

10 min- purchase some stationary and write a letter to your grandpa.

20 min- phone call to that close friend you never seem to talk to enough.

40 min- Grab the nail polish, hop on your bed and dive into a great conversation.

Make a list of those people you miss and begin reaching out. You’ll be glad you did. Chances are they will be as delighted as you to hear a friendly voice. Probably should put your mom on that list too.

2 thoughts on “Time to Talk

  1. I love your idea of write letter to your grandpa. I can assure you he will treasure that letter for the rest of his life.

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