Orange and (the new) Black

Two blogless months and none the wiser… 

Halloween, once again, has snuck up on me. There are 2 for $6 candy sales on miniature Snickers and farm stands overflowing with carving pumpkins, squash and oblong gourds. Empty windows are transformed into “Spirit Halloween” displays that appear overnight in abandoned lots and vanish just as quickly as they come. On liquor store shelves, bottles of Octoberfest and pumpkin ale fill the aisles while children plan their trick-or-treat routes around the most generous of neighbors. Apples and celery sticks? No thanks.

It is the evening of October 30th and I, a young lively 23 year old, have no plans and no costume for the company wide costume parade tomorrow. What is a girl to do?

Answer? Bake mini cupcakes. 

Here are some wise and wiser words of wisdom in anticipation of Halloween Eve:

  • Carving a pumpkin should be fun, not a creativity competition.
  • You can’t eat too many candy corn.
  • Being a cat for Halloween was so 1999. I was 9. And I was a cat.
  • If you feel like over-indulging, opt for the mini peanut butter cups  NOT the unidentified punch bowl.
  • You CAN eat too many candy corn.
  • Even fake chainsaws are scary.
  • Do not attend a party if bobbing for apples is the main attraction. It feels like you’re drowning.
  • Eat dinner early, around 3pm. After that, your doorbell will ring until you run out of candy and your house is egg-ed.
  • Thank every adult person you encounter who is not wearing a mask.
  • Be safe, eat candy and celebrate with friends…

Or go to your favorite writing group because Carol just e-mailed and said you come come.