Black Russian Bagel

Black Russian Bagel (def): A pumpernickel everything bagel. Absolutely delicious in every way. 


I love this bagel. Within this breakfast treat, there is the pumpernickel which is brown and hearty and wonderful and the everything-ness of an everything bagel. They complement each other perfectly and make an already amazing carb-y treat even more amazing

After momentarily distracting you with pictures of food, I feel it is my duty to warn you that today is none other than

Friday the 13th.

Don’t break any mirrors or open umbrellas inside. Avoid ladders and black cats. Or live dangerously but I did warn you. And speaking of scary days…

tomorrow is Saturday the 14th. Also known as Valentine’s Day.*

*Remember Bigfoot’s Birthday? Because unknown online strangers still visit this page every day.  

The day of bad luck followed by the the high-pressure, high-stakes, potentially loneliest day of the year??

Be nice 2015. 

I’ve been known to give a good pep talk in my day. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done for the 13th. Honestly, if I were you I’d do some risky things and take some chances. You can always blame the “bad energy” for your mistakes and embarrassing moments later on. The 14th, on the other hand, can be harder to handle. But people, it’s a day for CELEBRATING LOVE! Who doesn’t love love? Singles should buy themselves some flowers and get drunk with other singles. Couples should do something fancy or make a picnic, open a bottle of wine and play this new game. Married? Go through the whole day without blaming each other for anything and maybe buy yourself a pair of fuzzy slippers. 

And specifically for you, my dear reader, I wish that someday you find love with another person who is the everything to your pumpernickel–as complete as a Black Russian bagel.