Extra Day and New Shells

Bigfoot’s Birthday has come and gone. The grocery store has heart cakes, heart chocolates and heart cookies. 50% OFF. Do the desserts in their stale pink frosting gowns know their special day has come and gone? Days old and dollars less. I want someone to buy all the cakes and spread their heart-shaped sweetness. Some day,I’ll walk into the store and all the cakes will be gone. I’m going to pretend they went to a big party full of hungry lovers.

February is an extra day longer this year. The earth is spinning, spinning, spinning. I like to think that every four years, the universe gives us a little present. Here, the earth seems to say, here’s an extra day. Don’t spend it all in one place.  

From the kitchen table, I watch Donald Trump’s face answer interview questions in South Carolina. His Donald Trump face is not unlike the overripe orange that sits on the table in front of me. The orange and I both watch Trump on the television and seem to take a collective sigh. Fruit and human in complete agreement. 


Every day I comb real estate websites, looking for the perfect place to call home. The light breeze of change is steadily growing into a fully developed, powerful wind that will lift me up and plop me down somewhere new. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.  And like all the times before, once again I’ll have new roommates, a new roof, new commute and a new kitchen table where I will blog and watch Donald Trump. Maybe my orange will come too.

Finding a new home is an intense and emotional process, not unlike job-searching or online dating. A significant amount of time is spent searching for the perfect location, price and roommate situation. I’m a wild eyed Asian Goldilocks running around the virtual world of Craig’s List, trying out apartments that are both too big (figuratively, not literally, this is NYC) and too small. Hoboken. Upper East Side. Brooklyn.  The pro-con list grows and grows. 

“As crabs grow, they will need to change shells when they outgrow the old ones, but when they’ve stopped growing, it’s often a matter of mood that determines when a crab will decide to go shopping for a new home. Some crabs will trade shells several times over a week — or even a day — if they’re house-hunting. Other crabs will stay with what they know.”

-Betty Lewis, Demand Media

I’ve already begun to try different shells on for size but I’m still figuring out what my perfect shell looks like or who will share that shell with me. And whether you celebrated Bigfoot’s Birthday or enjoyed a heart-shaped cake with another, I hope you, dear reader, have found someone in this spinning world worthy of sharing a shell with you. 

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