To Jenna:

I found your wallet and purse while I was walking back to my car tonight. It was next to the gym just after the little parking lot, you know? The girl working the gym’s front desk, Melissa, tried really hard to find a phone number that matched your name or address. She even called 411 but it wasn’t any use. I think she is going to drop it off at your apartment tonight. She said you live really close. 

Your cash and credit cards were gone when I found it. I hope that doesn’t make you too sad. Brush, mascara, Sears gift cards–totally intact. What an awful feeling it is to lose something…or have something stolen. A violation, that’s what it is. The young man who stole my phone right out of my hand, he never looked back. I think he knew what it felt like. Maybe he feels like that all the time. 

It’s 10:50pm. Maybe Melissa brought your purse back to you already. I sure hope so. 

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