Traveling Vegetarian

Happy Spring Break…and Spring rolls.

I wanted to leave you with a blog post my friend Justin e-mailed me a couple days ago about Vietnam, a traveling vegetarian’s heaven. My requirements to finish my senior year (and senior thesis) was the only thing preventing me from buying a plane ticket on the spot. This short post reminded me of a couple students I had met at the Student Environmental Conference, vegetarians who chose to eat meat while on the dusty road, aka traveling carnivores. In foreign cities and unknown destinations, maintaining a healthy meat-free diet can be quite difficult not to mention the strange looks one might receive for refusing pork chops and BBQ beef. I need to tell them I found the perfect country cuisine.

For my Spring Break, I will be traveling with about 15 other students and faculty south to the Dominican Republic for an alternative spring break service trip called A.C.E.S (Advancing Communities: Educating and Service). We will be staying a week to provide medical care, construction help and educational services. In my effort to continue my vegetarian experience, I was relieved to find that there would be a beans and rice option as well as salad at every dinner meal. There was some question regarding the possible use of chicken stock in the dish but I will just have to wait and see. I may have to sacrifice some chickens next week and if so, Dear Chicken God- I am truly sorry. 

So with another international adventure ahead, I promise witty commentary and vivid pictures upon my return to the US. In the meantime, read about Vietnam and enjoy the spring weather.

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