One Month Four Islands

Yes, Andy Pascual, I have experienced the Filipino full body massage at The Spa and I will never go back. For P1200 I went to the sauna, pool, Jacuzzi and received an hour and 15 minutes of magic.  The room was dimly lit by wall sconces and candles while the smell of mint and lemon wafted through the air. I had hot oils massaged into my back, arms, legs and stomach while I drifted in and out of consciousness. My new Filipino friend, Nads, and I were fully relaxed and disoriented by the time we emerged into the bustling Marikina City traffic and light drizzle. I wanted to fully prepare my body for a month long vacation from the city I’ve started to call home.

Giant Fish at The Spa

In 9 hours, I will be boarding a plane bound for Davao- a city located in Mindanao about two hours south of Manila. It’s time for the some travel. The itinerary:

1. Samal Island– Coral Reef Reconstruction

2. Boljoon, Cebu- Meet the famous Stu and become a certified SCUBA diver

3. Bohol– Find some tarsiers, chocolate hills, and fun in the sun.

4. Bantayan Island– Research for Atty. Oposa’s upcoming book, research for my thesis, work in the School of the SEAs

So as of now I will not return to the Philippine capital for an entire month. Fortunately by the power invested in Wi-Fi, I will continue to upload pictures and post blogs. I have waited four weeks to see a Filipino beach, white sand beaches, and crystal blue water. I want a healthy cancer-free tan, a dive certification and a greater appreciation for a country I’ve grown to love.

Bantayan Island Sunset May 16, 2011

Fellow readers, if you have a chance,go to the Philippines for a massage and spa treatment. Cheap and incredible. What’s so wrong with being a diva anyway?