Back in Blog

So in case all of you were wondering, I did make it back to the United States. On my To-Do list of life, Study Abroad was checked off with a big red mark. Travel accomplished.

I’ll admit the first week back at school was tough. The intricate city of Copenhagen, allure of travel every other weekend, and long conversations with international friends had been replaced with sorority events and dance company rehearsals. It wasn’t bad but it was very much different, returning to a place that did not seem to notice I had been gone. I was a second semester junior with my head back in sophomore year and my heart back in Denmark. I worked my way back into school mode and waited patiently until the time I would be able to travel again. That time has come.

On May 23rd, I will leave the United States once again and fly 22 hours to Manila, Philippines. It is the home of my father’s close friend and the location of my internship with the Law of Nature Foundation. I will spend 6 weeks in the capital working in the main office before relocating to the field work station on the Bantayan Island off the northern coast of Cebu. It’s definitely the farthest I’ve ever been from America but I can’t wait to feel the humidity and say Hi Kamusta? for the first time. (The national language is Tagalog). Hence the reason that the blog is back and better than ever. More pictures, more friends and more memories of how awkward I am in a new culture, or my own for that matter. Follow me thousands of miles away to an island nation full of beaches, rice, and friendly faces.

Wish me luck.