Thanksgiving with Big Ben

For the very first time in my life, I spent Thanksgiving somewhere other than the good ol’ US of A. On Thursday afternoon, I grabbed a sandwich at the Copenhagen Lufthavn and hopped on a plane to London. I was delayed due to de-icing problems and arrived in Stansted an hour later than expected but was fortunately still able to use my bus ticket. I jumped on the small orange EasyBus and fell asleep. A muffled noise in my pocket woke me up. I looked down at my phone to see my home phone number flashing on the screen.

“Hiii Mom. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!”

I highly doubt the sleepy, foreign travelers appreciated the energetic American screaming to her parents at the front of the minibus as equally loud Americans screamed back from a speakerphone located in Catskill, New York. I was so surprised to hear from the “fam squad” back home. I could taste Grandpa’s pumpkin pie and hear the sounds of clinking glasses. It was a great start to my trip.

I stayed with my friend Joanna for both of the nights I was in London. On Friday, a number of other Bucknellians from London, Scotland, and France arrived and by 7pm we had a full table of college friends and delicious food. Joanna’s mom had outdone herself with turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, imported American cranberry sauce, creamed onions and green beans followed by a pumpkin and apple pie. We talked about the possibilities of the next semester and compared notes about our individual European experiences. I was surrounded by great food and even better company.

I did find myself missing Copenhagen and seeing the softly falling snow when I landed was a beautiful sight. I closed my passport and realized that the next time I would be on a plane, there would be no telling when I would return to a country that, in the last three months, had become my home. With only 21 days left, I have gained a renewed sense of determination to get my fill of everything Denmark has to offer.

I want to spend as much time as possible with the incredible people I have met. I want to hold basic conversations entirely in Danish and finish a number of books by Danish authors. I want to drink glögg and eat aebleskiver, wrapped in a thick wool blanket. I DO NOT want to write 3 research papers, and take a Nordic Mythology final but life isn’t perfect.

Even still, sometimes life can get pretty close.