Home for the Thanks Giving

Sluggish vacation mode and giving thanks to the parents who allow it to happen.

New York and a Year

It’s raining in New York City. The early morning drizzle matures into a full shower before retreating back to a light rain. Abandoned umbrellas roll under subway seats as the endless flow of bodies shifts from train… Continue reading


I don’t know the formula for creating a Home. I don’t know how long it takes for an apartment, a familiar street or a city to move beyond the physical to the comfortable and the safe. There are… Continue reading

30 is the new…what?

Necessary listening for every Millennial

Trees for the Soul

John Steinbeck reminded me of the redwoods and the tremendous power of trees. And while I may be not be thrilled about camping this weekend, I can appreciate the human design to sleep under the stars.

Always Have Your Next Trip in Mind

Nick’s travel website is almost live. He’s patiently waited for me to finish editing the first round of pieces for the Katelyn “stamp of approval.” I believe all forms of the website and various social… Continue reading

The Particular Sadness of Dropping Lemon Pie

About two weeks ago, I created a beautiful no-bake lemon pie. I whipped cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk together with freshly squeezed lemon juice before delicately scooping all the ingredients into a… Continue reading

July in New York City

A humid, hot July 4th weekend in New York City.

New Orleans: Part Food

A guide on eating and drinking your way through New Orleans with limited time.

New Orleans: Part 1

Today marks almost one week to the day since I returned from New Orleans. This city dazzles in necklaces of gaudy indescribable beauty as a lady who sips Pimm’s Cups and watches the sudden… Continue reading

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